About six months after a fully numbered release such as Vue 10 Infinite, E-on Software has been issuing a .5 release. This review is on Vue 10.5 Infinite. E-on Software has added a number of new features. I will be listing them and commenting on some of them. I used the pre-release prior to receiving the full release which I have been using ever since.

New Features


We all use Vue to create different kinds of scenes; thus, we all probably will have favorite new features. Mine is EcoSystem stacking. Before when I wanted to accomplish this, I had to build an invisible terrain or object and add an EcoSystem to it. Now I can place objects or plants with more precision and with much more ease.

Other EcoSystem Improvements

Below in different steps I did both scaling and coloring of individual instances. The screen capture below of the EcoSystem Painter menu does not show both changes.


Splines were introduced in Vue 10 Infinite. Now you can even manipulate them better. There have been a number of improvements to splines such as Spline Resample and Spline Roll.

I decided to demonstrate one of the new features - the ability to align EcoSystems (actually instances) along a spine. To demonstrate the changes, I created one instance and changed certain settings for these tests. The screen capture of the Spline Editor shows just one of the settings. I always kept "Populate with an EcoSystem" and "Populate on Spline". What I changed were the "Align Instances Along a Spine - Rotate instances along spline direction".

Next I set most (see on screen capture composite below) of the parameters for the dinosaur to be uniform and repeated with the angle rotation of 180 degrees since I wanted the prehistoric animals to be walking away from the hills.

New Render Stack Options

Terrain Fractal V2

Below are the choices available for the Fractal node and the Fractal node v2. Since there are so many variables, it is hard to do any kind of before and after test (using or not using a particular function node) to demonstrate how they work.

Terrain Color Pattern Node

Here, also, is a screen capture of the Terrain Color Pattern Node.

Rock Convexity

I tried many settings and many rocks, and I only got a slight change.

Vue 10.5 Pricing and Availability

Vue 10.5 Infinite retails for $1,190 with one year maintenance ($995 without maintenance). A one year standard maintenance plan for Infinite costs $295 (renewal: $195 only!). Upgrades from Vue 9.x Infinite to Vue 10.5 Infinite are available for $395 (upgrades from Vue 8 are also available). Check the online pricelist for more information on all upgrade options. I highly recommend a maintenance contract. You get a number of perks. If you have a maintenance plan, you also get free upgrades to the program, so for under $200 per year, you know you will always get a new version as it comes along. Compared to other companies, these become inexpensive upgrades.

For system requirements click on the requirement's PDF.

Just as I was ready to publish this review, E-on Software came out with their free trial version. For me, my favorite new features are the ability to do EcoSystem stacking as well as the ability to place objects on a spine all going in the same direction.. While I tried out all the new nodes, it was very hard to give examples since individual changes in each node, no matter what they are, generally affect the outcome.