Review - e frontier Presents Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser 6

Imagine! Now you can create your own fashions for James, Jessi, Miki, and Terai Yuki. It is easy and fun with Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser. Create many different styles of garments, including shoes, in this program and then import them into Poser 6. It is that easy. Now one can create a Poser figure from hair to heels. Figure A has not only had her dress and shoes created in Virtual Fashion, but her strand based hair was created in the Hair Room in Poser 6.

One can create an outfit in Virtual Fashion that encompasses a skirt, top and shoes, for example. One can also create all these items individually and dress the Poser 6 figure in separate garments and process them simultaneously in the Poser Cloth room.

Before describing how the clothing is draped onto the figure in Poser, a discussion of Virtual Fashion is in order. Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser (VF) is a program that allows the user the ability to create clothes for some of the most popular Poser 6 models - James, Jessi, Miki and Terai Yuki 2. It is internally connected to Poser and becomes an adjunct to Poser.

VF is set up with rooms, in a similar style to Poser's rooms. The two rooms that are the most directly involved in the production of clothes are the Designer Room and the Fitting Room.

In the Designer room, one creates the clothes using specific tools.

One first sets up the project.

On the left is an example of Jessi in the Designer Room before any of the clothes have been started. On the right is a picture of Jessi after the clothes were finished and she is in the Fitting Room waiting to be exported to Poser 6.

The garment is saved in a special file in Virtual Fashion. A Virtual Fashion folder is set up in the Poser Library.One will use two categories in the Library. The VF folder in Poses will contain a special Pose for all of the figures; the VF folder in Props will contain the clothes that were created in the Virtual Fashion program.

The process can best be explained by the following sets of screen captures: First Jessi is selected from the Figure section of the Library palette. Then, under the Poses section, the Virtual Fashion Jessi is selected. She will automatically replace the original Jessi. Next, under the Props section, the clothes created in Virtual Fashion are chosen from the Virtual Fashion folder. Lastly, in the Poser Cloth Room, the actual process of draping the figure is begun. The last picture shows the draped figure.

Below is a rendered version of this same dress. Notice not only the pose, but the fact that the proportions of Jessi's body have been altered and the dress was able to fit the altered figure as well as a non-altered Jessi. (See above).

In Virtual Fashion one can use the cloth that is already created such as silk, heavy wool, leather, cotton, etc. One can also create cloth in the Materials Room. One can color the fabric a solid color or use a pattern. By varying how the pattern is applied, one can control its size, so that a garment can be composed of patterns that vary in size. Garments can even be made transparent or contain transparent areas.

When you drape the figure in the Cloth room, the first frame will always be the Virtual Fashion rendition of the model and the last frame will represent the new pose for still work. While I did not create an animation, you can see from the above screen captures that the clothes definitely followed the new poses.

For more information, go to the e frontier web site at: Check out the Virtual Fashion demos, gallery, fashion videos and more. You can even download a free VF garment.

The requirements for Virtual Fashion are, Poser 6 and the following:


  • Windows 2000/XP
  • Pentium IV, 1 Ghz or better processor
  • 256 MB RAM or better
  • 550 MB of free hard drive space for installation
  • Super VGA monitor (1024x768 resolution or better) with 32 bit color
  • NVIDIA Geforce4 / ATI RADEON 8500 64MB or any graphics card similar or better with a minimum of 64Mb on board RAM
  • Administrative privileges and Internet connection required for installation

Virtual Fashion Basic for Poser is currently only available for download for Windows. It is priced at an introductory offer of $79.99. See the e frontier web site for when this great special will end..