My mother received her PhD in Physics in about 1936. She was one of about 15 women in the world with that type of PhD. Unfortunately she died 9 years ago at almost 94 years old. She left me a number of old photographs that she took of her colleagues at Physical Society meetings on the Grounds of the Bureau of Standards in the spring of 1939. Some have people identified in them and some do not. I was inspired to do this when I found reference to her dissertation on the internet as well as a full copy of an article she wrote with Selig Hecht in 1939. My mother's name was Esther U. Mintz. In her later years both Los Alamos and Oak Ridge National laboratories wanted me to write an article about her in reference to women in Physics, but she refused.

These images have been included on the website of the American Institute of Physics, Emilio Segrè Visual Archives, Esther Mintz Collection: