Some Hints On Painting an EcoSystem in Vue 6 Infinite

I was working with a procedural terrain where I had patches of green. I wanted to add foliage only onto the patches of green. It was impossible to see where these patches were on the terrain. I found a very easy way of doing it by placing markers on the edges of these patches. Once I had placed a few markers on one patch, I could use that patch as a point of reference and find the others.

This tutorial will assume that you know how to paint an EcoSystem. If you don't, I recommend the tutorials on website. There are a number that demonstrate how to do this.

To the left is the EcoSystem Painter. Below is the basic scene. I will state here that I never finished the scene because I didn't like it, but it was useful to demonstrate this technique.

In the green area at the base of the mountains I wanted to place a row of pine trees. I placed three trees by hand and, then, with the EcoSystem Painter filled in the rest. This way I could see where the trees were in the top view. (I circled the pine trees only in the screen capture, obviously.)

Once I finished the pine trees, I wanted to add clover to the green areas toward the front of the terrain. Again, I couldn't find them. I put three white rocks in the corner of the area on the right. The rocks showed up in the top view just as the circled pine trees had delineating the area for the clover.

Once I had the basic clover in, I deleted the rocks and kept filling in. It was, then, easy to see where I needed to keep adding clover to cover the other green areas.

I hope this has been useful. It saved me a lot of time.