Colonial Musters

I was very lucky to live in Massachusetts prior to and during the Bicentennial Celebration. When I lived there, I was a photographer for the local newspaper. I started to go to Musters in 1972. The people who lived in Massachusetts, especially around Acton, Concord, Lexington, etc. took these demonstrations very seriously. They dressed appropriately and recreated life in Colonial times. The Minutemen practiced mock battles and were allowed to use canons and muskets. The times represented by these musters was about 1775.

During the actual Bicentennial Celebration, I took the black and white photographs for the town of Acton's Time Capsule to be opened in 2075 as well as officially photographing the dignitaries including President Ford at the Concord Bridge. Also, at that time, I had a traveling exhibit.

Now over 30 years later, I decided that these photographs showed a very important aspect of our history and heritage, so I decided to create a gallery of mainly black and white photographs with the addition of a few colored slides. Some of these photos are strictly photojournalistic while in others I have tried to capture the individuals who participated.