Fur,Feathers, and Fabric download instructions

The book is written in html format. I have tested it on IE through version 7 as well on various Windows systems from Windows 98 through Vista. It is Virus free. You should be able to read it using other browsers.

If you want to burn it to a CD, you have the authors' permission, but it may not be sold for any purpose. It has a copyright - Copyright © Don and Paula Sanders 1999 TXu 938-245. Any indication of selling will be prosecuted. Parts may be used for educational purposes, but again, you may not sell them.

If you burn it to a CD, it is set up to run automatically; if it doesn't, open it by going to bkcvr.htm and it will open. Pictures, table of contents, etc. are all linked together, so look for the links.

If you just want to read it on your hard drive, click on bkcvr.htm which will open to the index page.

The book is a reference book. It is broken down into time periods, tribes, etc. I suggest that you go to the Table of Contents and look it over. It also has a very complete set of images of SE Native Americans. These may not be copied and can only be used within the framework of the book.

To download it:
1-Click on the download link and save it on your computer. It is in zipped format and is 15 MB.

2-Unzip it. The files will appear all in one folder and be unusable. You need an unzip program such as winzip.

3-Go to Actions and click on it and choose Extract and choose a place on your hard drive to extract this folder to.

The folder should look like the one below. The name of the folder for the extracted files will be fffbook-autorun.



We hope this is beneficial. We had been selling this as a CD but decided that we wanted it available to the public for educational purposes.

Paula and Don Sanders