Hints on Creating Hair in Poser 5 #2

This is the second Hints Tutorial Each time I finish one I can actually measure how much I have learnt. Yes, I can even see where I could have done previous things differently and better. But, if I waited until I was "Perfect" Ha! Ha! I would wait forever. So here goes four more hints. These are based on the Straight Haired Template I created in the first Hints on Creating Hair in Poser 5. These three styles are somewhat different. I have "cut" one of the hair groups, and I will describe the differences in shortening or lengthening hair; and I have curled other sections of hair by varying amounts.

Hint #3 How To or Not To "Cut Hair" There are various ways to lengthen or shorten hair in Poser 5. Some work better than others. I will describe two ways here. For the first hair style I wanted to shorten the two hair groups over the ears. The first method I tried was just changing the length of the Grow Hairs of the whole group. I changed the Hair Length from 0.8000 to 0.2000. Notice the hairs at the top, marqueed by the red box. Before I did this, the "roundish hills" were of uniform height. When rendered the figure, the swatch of hair looked like it had been mowed shorter than the rest by a run-away mower. What I found interesting is that the effect was not apparent until I changed the length of the hair on both sides of the head.

The next method I tried which worked beautifully, except for a minor problem of two left over hair pieces on one side, which in this case was not important, was to use the shortening and lengthening dial in the Styling Tool Menu. I will be referring to this slider a lot in my next tutorial. Notice how the hair on the top of her head is uniform.

Hint # 4 In this hint, I will show how I took the straight haired template and, by cutting and styling the hair a little, made my first straight hair style. I used the Translate Hairs Tool for the majority of my styling. First, I selected the hair (group 3 on one side and group 4 on the other).Using the tool, I pushed the hair toward the back of the ear on both sides of the head. If I missed a stray hair, I turned the head to the Face Camera position so I could see the yellow nodes, selected the hair in question, and then with the Hair Remover Tool eliminated the other nodes before I used the Translate Hairs Tool to push the stray hairs into place. Then I Cleared the Selection. Were I to use this hair style on a model, I would probably curl the bottom under. But I will do that in hint #6 so I won't repeat myself. For my test renders, I kept the population of hairs in all the Hair Growth Sections at about 1,000.

Hint # 5 This hint will show how I changed the hair style by making it slightly curly. This is really simple to do. All you do is manipulate the Kink Strength dial. I varied the strength from 20 to 15 on the various parts of the head. The below illustrations will show how this looked differed from the above one. The first illustration just shows the importance of often having to manipulate the position of Guide Hairs one at a time or a few at a time. Again, here I used the Translate Hair Tool.

Hint # 6 In this hint I increased the curl as well as turned under the bottom of the hair using the Curl Hairs Tool. The first dials I changed were those involved with setting the Kink parameters. Then with the Translate Hairs Tool, I separated the hair on the side of her head. This hair was the hair that had originally been placed over the ears and then cut. I also elongated, hair by hair some of the bangs that were nearest to the side of her face. I used the same tool.

The next step is the newest one. For this I used the Curl Hairs Tool. What is important to note is the direction of the red arrows. With the head facing front, I moved the tool in the specified directions so that the hair would curl under toward the face. In the back, the direction was toward the top of the head for the hair to curl under.

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