Mini -Tutorial on Modifiying Poser Hair in Cinema 4D XL 7

Before you install the plug-in, read the handy downloadable guide that comes with it. It will save you time and effort.

1 - Create a figure in Poser. I chose to just use the generic long conformable curls found under the clothing section.

2 - Open Cinema 4D and clicked on Plugins on the top Menu Bar. If it asks for a file "Poser.dta file," the file can be found under Curious Labs/Poser4. You only have to access it once initially. Poser Pro Pack must be installed on the computer for the plug-in to work.

3 - Open the Poser file in Cinema 4D.

4 - Once in Cinema 4D, I rotated the object so that its initial position was best for editing.

5 - In the right hand part of the screen, under Object Menu, click Poser Object.

6 - Then in the Main Menu, under the heading Structure, click Make Editable. This will allow you to edit the mesh.

7 - Then turn the object into wireframe and choose any view you want to edit the particular object. You, of course, can turn it as you work.

8 - To make the whole head of hair editable, I wanted to be able to choose individual polygons or points should I desire. To do this, I clicked on body in the right hand Objects Menu, and with the Live Selection and the Polygon Tool selected, highlighted a polygon. Or with the Point Tool selected, the entire head of hair was selected. Should I have desired only a few points to have been selected, to remove them, for example, I would have selected them with the Rectangular Selection Tool.


Selected Polygons
Selected Points
Seletced Points to be Deleted

The reason I used the above example was because it was an easy way to demonstrate how a component of a figure could be changed in Cinema 4D.